Meeting 2019-12-30


Round Non-Loser Score Victory Margin Score Non-Winner Lexicon
0Leeds, Kevin628319309Bolender, Bob IITWL
1Hughes, Jimbeaux41835383Leeds, KevinTWL
1Zuckerman, David415140275Cole, DavidTWL
1Clancy, Sarah40636370Bolender, Bob IITWL
2Hughes, Jimbeaux36766301Clancy, SarahTWL
2Bolender, Bob II39026364Zuckerman, DavidTWL
2Leeds, Kevin478166312Cole, DavidTWL
3Cole, David43270362Hughes, JimbeauxTWL
3Zuckerman, David42056364Clancy, SarahTWL
3Leeds, Kevin438117321Bolender, Bob IITWL

Player Total Results

Player Collins GamesTotal Games Wins Spread Valid Bingos Phony Bingos Invented Bingos Collins-Only Bingos
Leeds, Kevin 0 4 3 5679 1 0 1
Zuckerman, David 0 3 2 1704 1 0 1
Hughes, Jimbeaux 0 3 2 314 0 0 0
Clancy, Sarah 0 3 1 -862 0 0 0
Cole, David 0 3 1 -2364 0 0 0
Bolender, Bob II 0 4 1 -4463 0 0 0

Bingo List

Zuckerman, David1TOASTER0valid
Zuckerman, David1HARDENS0valid
Zuckerman, David2ENTASIA0valid
Zuckerman, David3UNRINGED#0phony,collins-onlyENDURING
Zuckerman, David3MISTERS0valid
Cole, David2RETINUES0valid
Cole, David2TAILBONE0validcollaborative effort
Cole, David3BREVITED0validBREVET, to confer an honorary rank upon
Cole, David3BETANIES0valid
Clancy, Sarah1CRANNIES0validit does not mean cranberries. it means nooks and crannies
Clancy, Sarah3FIELDERS0valid
Hughes, Jimbeaux1MINSTREL0valid
Hughes, Jimbeaux1APIARIES0validthere are 5 vowels here
Hughes, Jimbeaux2MOONIER0valid
Hughes, Jimbeaux3GEODESIC0valida beautiful mathematical concept
Leeds, Kevin0TOYLIKE0valid
Leeds, Kevin0REASONED0valid
Leeds, Kevin0SLAVERED194validnatural through L
Leeds, Kevin1NESTING0validNESTINGS# (People are using a different symbol for collins-only: £ NESTINGS£)
Leeds, Kevin2CLITORIS0valid1st turn, could have been LICTORS
Leeds, Kevin2URETHrA0validH on triple letter 2ws
Leeds, Kevin2DAINTIES0validone-track mind
Leeds, Kevin3FEEBLES#0phony,collins-onlyThis word has been used by skateboarders and also in a review of Goin' South (with Jack Nicholson)
Leeds, Kevin3AMENITY0valid
Leeds, Kevin3INTITLES0valid
Bolender, Bob II0KINDEST0valid
Bolender, Bob II1STRUTTED0validwhat she did when she won
Bolender, Bob II2LEAVENS0valid