Showing 2020 meetings
2020-03-09Tournament Meeting Second Wave121835513357371.0The tournament has been very stressful for some of us! The strongest among us thrive on this, while the weak and ill are abandoned to the predators. Roar! Seriously though, in tournaments we try somewhat harder if we have the energy.
2020-03-02Club Tournament kickoff131945414573383.5It is still possible to join but it is some disadvantage if you don't get in all the games. Current tournament players: 8. If you don't enter you can still be paired and compete! It should be a 7 game round robin based on current registrants. The tournament is not rated.
2020-02-24End of February Meeting162761020229374.6In our March meetings there will be a tournament loosely structured so the first time 2 people play it will count. Details about the number of games and criteria for winning will be determined in time for the March 2nd meeting. $10 to join.
2020-02-17Wonderful Scrabble Meeting111740312849377.9Jim H did the pairings. Round 0 is whoever is there, Round 1 is random, and rounds 2 and 3 are based on winner & loser brackets.
2020-02-10Best Scrabble Meeting Ever111842213548376.3Nobody knows what happened because the data entry person was home sick! But I am sure it was a very, very good meeting!
2020-02-03Happy Scrabble Meeting142250416446373.8Welcome, Rubin Miller! Coming up 2/8 is an Austin 1-Day Tournament. 02/02/2020 is palindromic!
2020-01-27So much Scrabble122051215534388.4All onlookers please avoid verbally or physically distracting the Players in any way! A person hovering over the board can prevent concentration and discussing the game in progress is quite disrespectful. Honor the game! Thank you.
2020-01-20MLK Day Meeting8123409064377.7The government has a holiday today. A group of eight habitual Scrabble players. Twelve games total.
2020-01-13A Meeting Was Held121948214552382.9Director Hughes presented an agenda concerning club dues, cleaning up, paying for tournaments and our meeting space, etc.
2020-01-06Happy New Year122047415038375.9Welcome, Lazar Ilić! The club is optimistic for good things to happen this year.
Meetings: 10 --- Totals --- 24 for this year, average 12.1 per meeting19245326145190378.1