Showing 2019 meetings
2019-06-10Meeting of Regulars81436010803385.8Everyone here had been here many times before. Paired by Jean. Thank you! Also, if you wanted you could have some plantain chips.
2019-06-03Pairings by Jim Hughes151949514592384.0Welcome, Christine!
2019-05-27Meeting with Jim Pairings101748313141386.5Welcome back, Lisa Corum!
2019-05-20Peaceful Meeting101641212280383.8Bananas were offered. We hope to grow our numbers somehow. Pastor Bob has flown away to Ukraine.
2019-05-13Mariah Prizes! $1 to play in each round121839213397372.11. Highest score for a word from a Doris Day song or movie (Aaron Arnold) 2. Largest number of 2-letter words in a won game (Bob, 34!) 3. Highest scoring palindrome (HUH, by Dante)
2019-05-06Pat's Games - Kevin Pairings111538511498383.3Paired first round based on approximate rank, later rounds based on spread points, for simplicity (also avoiding rematches).
2019-04-29Pat's Games - Jim pairings142150216069382.6Be the snacks you want to see in the world!
2019-04-22Mental Meeting121945114627384.9Our players are strong at thinking!
2019-04-15Tax Day Meeting142153515896378.5It was a very nice meeting. More Collins players anywhere?
2019-04-08post-Houston Tournament meeting directed by Matt Canik142146215472368.4Welcome, Dante! And Jean told an enjoyable story about her architect friend. We almost ran out of equipment.
2019-04-01Matt Directed. Mariah had prize envelopes with money for Best Phoney, Best A-P-R-I-L word, etc131736012706373.7Matt said Kevin is King of the night for going undefeated (with a bye for round 1)
2019-03-25Pat's Games101633211621363.2Kevin pairings - Director help wanted!
2019-03-18Pat's Games March 18, 2019 AD121840413705380.7Pairings by Matt Canik or Jim Hughes, as usual
2019-03-11Pat's Games101736412623371.3
2019-03-04Pat's Games172651519280370.8Jim Hughes demonstrated Zephyr, a Scrabble Club web app for pairings, results, ratings, and stats
2019-02-25Pat's Games172241716133366.7Welcome, Shelli!
2019-02-18Pat's Games151529210641354.7Hello, new people!
2019-02-11Return to Pat's Games141946014306376.5We are all grateful to the owner of Pat's!
2019-02-04Dragon's Lair162446117558365.8The setting was fine and we got new people! It was hard to think. Maybe could do again?
2019-01-28La Madeleine151945414301376.3It went pretty well and the classical music was kind of nice.
2019-01-21Courtyard Marriott Arboretum Lobby121745113246389.6It was really fun, even though we had to hear Freebird and Bob Seger!
2019-01-14Meeting of La Mancha141637212202381.3This is our quest! To follow that star!
2019-01-07Pat's Games131535211364378.8We met beforehand at La Mancha to discuss
Meetings: 23 --- Totals --- 32 for this year, average 13.0 per meeting42296561317461376.1