Showing 2019 meetings
DateEventPlayersGamesBingosPhoneysTotal ScoreAverage ScoreNote
2019-02-11Return to Pat's Games141946014306376.5We are all grateful to the owner of Pat's!
2019-02-04Dragon's Lair162446117558365.8The setting was fine and we got new people! It was hard to think. Maybe could do again?
2019-01-28La Madeleine151945414301376.3It went pretty well and the classical music was kind of nice.
2019-01-21Courtyard Marriott Arboretum Lobby121745113246389.6It was really fun, even though we had to hear Freebird and Bob Seger!
2019-01-14Meeting of La Mancha141637212202381.3This is our quest! To follow that star!
2019-01-07Pat's Games131535211364378.8We met beforehand at La Mancha to discuss