Showing 2019 meetings
2019-12-30Time for a New Digit in the Date6102627753387.6Jim did pairings. Couldn't any point in time be considered as the ending of the 10-year period preceding? Our numerical labeling of the years and months is merely an arbitrary convention!
2019-12-23Penultimate Twenty-Teens Decade Meeting81438010406371.6Some games were lopsided and some featured rampant bingoes (words of length 7 or longer that use all seven tiles in the rack)
2019-12-16Pat's Games, Jim Hughes pairing121838013675379.9Some players came from San Antonio
2019-12-09Meeting of Six6102717858392.9Jim had FAWNIEST for 110
2019-12-02Winter Meeting792326850380.6December 2 at Pat's Games
2019-11-25Meeting with Prizes131850113472374.2There was a prize for Best Food or Beverage Word and another prize for a word that was a prefix or some other mumbo-jumbo. Thank you, Mariah!
2019-11-18Serious Meeting 3121841213682380.1Only 5 days away from the Austin 1-Day and we are memorizing feverishly which words are valid vs. invalid
2019-11-11Serious Meeting 2791406438357.7Texas State Championship is Nov 30 - Dec 1 and Austin 1-Day is Nov 23
2019-11-04Let's Get Serious101530211243374.8Those of us who take Scrabble much too seriously are trying to prepare for our annual High Holidays a.k.a. Texas State Scrabble Championship so please no dancing on the tables til next month
2019-10-28Meeting of Several Visitors. Pairings by Jean142041214779369.5Welcome, David Pearl from Southern California and two beginners Joan and Maisie, and one CSW player, Tomi Babafemi (we think).
2019-10-21Meeting of Reckoning111429410522375.8How can we get more new players and help the Scrabble scene to grow? Happy 55th Double Nickels Birthday to AARON ARNOLD!
2019-10-14Pat's Games, Pairings by Jim Hughes111735312655372.2High Score 513 by Sarah Clancy
2019-10-07Begin Fourth Quarter101537111283376.1There are close races for Most Games and Most Meetings and probably some other categories too.
2019-09-30End of Third Quarter111736312930380.3Apologies for delay in data entry due to data entry person overwhelm. Scrabble On!
2019-09-23Pat's Games, First Day of Fall111527311031367.7We used some words without knowing the definitions like RETTING (soaking for some reason) and WISSING# (to know, but in TWL it does not conjugate further) and PRATTING# (to hit someone on the butt)
2019-09-16Pat's Games, End of Summer101636712283383.8There are several ways to spell meow. MEOW, MEOU, MIAOU, MIAOW, MIAUL. All of them are verbs so -S or -ED or -ING can be added.
2019-09-09Pat's Games, Pairings by Jimbeau142053015061376.5It was a tiny, tiny bit wild. We played several games of Scrabble together!
2019-09-02Labor Day Meeting81634111553361.0Pat's Games, Jim Hughes! There were two Round Zeros and they are renumbered as 0 and 1, with 2, 3, and 4 according to director pairings (round 2 random).
2019-08-26Pat's Games, Pairings by Jimbeaux111751413529397.9Many good Scrabble games and a brief friendly Global Warming vs. Religion debate
2019-08-19Jim's Birthday!91436110894389.1We celebrated by playing three rounds of scrabble! There was a motion to sing Happy Birthday, but we came to play Scrabble, not to attempt harmony!
2019-08-12Pat's Games, Pairings by Jim Hughes121845113640378.9Welcome, Sharon Bolender! Congratulations to Bob on going 4-0 this time (counting round zero)!
2019-08-05Pat's Games - Carl Hickerson "Crazy Carl" came to visit!121849713960387.8April and Carl go way back. He's played in 50 tournaments and he's done his rose-twirling juggling act at a national tournament.
2019-07-29Pat's Games meeting. Our Director is Jim Hughes since Matt Canik is doing grad school, which is sup121731512318362.3The result slips from the 22nd and the 29th got mixed together somehow. Kevin away at family reunion; other players in Reno for the National Scrabble Championship tournament!
2019-07-22Meeting at Pat's Games792206842380.1Welcome back, Lamar Powell!
2019-07-15Meeting paired by Jim Hughes111534211288376.3Welcome, new person Dave S! Nice Hawaii shirt! My umbrella was still there.
2019-07-08Meeting of some Rain8123629305387.7It did rain before the meeting but maybe not during. I did leave an umbrella by mistake. We made a card and Jean got some goodies for Pat, our benefactor. Thank you Pat!!
2019-07-01The Return of Jacob142466118733390.3Jacob Williams showed up! He is knowledgeable. The Director announced that we should not have food at Pat's Games because who will clean it up? And there could be bugs.
2019-06-24Pat's Games, Pairings by Jim91432310583378.0Laurie Returns! Also, in Round 1 we paired randomly using Magic cards. We were odd, and the drawer of the Swamp card wasn't paired. But a bye is a nice opportunity to rest and contemplate and study words and observe how other players play.
2019-06-17Pat's Games121944214086370.7It can be important to try to get a notification from Facebook once in a while. Is there a way to do it without getting thousands of nonsense updates? There was a Facebook post from the Scrabble group but I only read it afterwards. Nice meeting.
2019-06-10Meeting of Regulars81436010803385.8Everyone here had been here many times before. Paired by Jean. Thank you! Also, if you wanted you could have some plantain chips.
2019-06-03Pairings by Jim Hughes151949514592384.0Welcome, Christine!
2019-05-27Meeting with Jim Pairings101748313141386.5Welcome back, Lisa Corum!
2019-05-20Peaceful Meeting101641212280383.8Bananas were offered. We hope to grow our numbers somehow. Pastor Bob has flown away to Ukraine.
2019-05-13Mariah Prizes! $1 to play in each round121839213397372.11. Highest score for a word from a Doris Day song or movie (Aaron Arnold) 2. Largest number of 2-letter words in a won game (Bob, 34!) 3. Highest scoring palindrome (HUH, by Dante)
2019-05-06Pat's Games - Kevin Pairings111538511498383.3Paired first round based on approximate rank, later rounds based on spread points, for simplicity (also avoiding rematches).
2019-04-29Pat's Games - Jim pairings142150216069382.6Be the snacks you want to see in the world!
2019-04-22Mental Meeting121945114627384.9Our players are strong at thinking!
2019-04-15Tax Day Meeting142153515896378.5It was a very nice meeting. More Collins players anywhere?
2019-04-08post-Houston Tournament meeting directed by Matt Canik142146215472368.4Welcome, Dante! And Jean told an enjoyable story about her architect friend. We almost ran out of equipment.
2019-04-01Matt Directed. Mariah had prize envelopes with money for Best Phoney, Best A-P-R-I-L word, etc131736012706373.7Matt said Kevin is King of the night for going undefeated (with a bye for round 1)
2019-03-25Pat's Games101633211621363.2Kevin pairings - Director help wanted!
2019-03-18Pat's Games March 18, 2019 AD121840413705380.7Pairings by Matt Canik or Jim Hughes, as usual
2019-03-11Pat's Games101736412623371.3
2019-03-04Pat's Games172651519280370.8Jim Hughes demonstrated Zephyr, a Scrabble Club web app for pairings, results, ratings, and stats
2019-02-25Pat's Games172241716133366.7Welcome, Shelli!
2019-02-18Pat's Games151529210641354.7Hello, new people!
2019-02-11Return to Pat's Games141946014306376.5We are all grateful to the owner of Pat's!
2019-02-04Dragon's Lair162446117558365.8The setting was fine and we got new people! It was hard to think. Maybe could do again?
2019-01-28La Madeleine151945414301376.3It went pretty well and the classical music was kind of nice.
2019-01-21Courtyard Marriott Arboretum Lobby121745113246389.6It was really fun, even though we had to hear Freebird and Bob Seger!
2019-01-14Meeting of La Mancha141637212202381.3This is our quest! To follow that star!
2019-01-07Pat's Games131535211364378.8We met beforehand at La Mancha to discuss
Meetings: 52 --- Totals --- 46 for this year, average 11.5 per meeting8702026123656113377.1